Are you prepared to respond to the financial risks and opportunities of climate change? Trillions of dollars of assets are at risk. The opportunities are just as large.
Join us on Feb. 21, 2018 and connect with mission-minded MBA students from top-tier MBA Programs: Berkeley, Cornell, Duke, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Michigan, MIT, NYU, UNC Chapel Hill, and Yale.
UNC Chapel Hill will host its fifth annual UNC Clean Tech Summit Feb. 28- Mach 1, 2019 at UNC’s Friday Center. The event will highlight the latest innovations, trends and challenges in the clean technology industry and how North Carolina is playing a key role in leading the way to a green global economy.
Integrating sustainability into the MBA, undergraduate and executive MBA programs, preparing students and executives to be managers and leaders whose knowledge of sustainability concepts gives them a competitive advantage.

Coming Up

MBA FoodCon 2018

Wednesday December 5, 2018

FoodCon is an annual conference that celebrates the food and agri-business community. The business schools of UNC, NC State University, and Duke University co-sponsor this one-day conference each year. Duke Fuqua’s MBA Food and Agriculture club will host FoodCon 2018 on Wednesday, December 5th at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. Our goal is to bring together a diverse audience of students, community members, and business professionals who have a shared interest in the sustainable food industry. We aim to increase the awareness and understanding of the sustainable food industry as well as support and grow the industry here in North Carolina and throughout the country. More


Latest Research

Ensuring Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility through Vertical Integration and Horizontal Sourcing

June 01, 2018

In recent years, several corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSER) violations have come under public scrutiny. Daily Mail (2011) revealed that workers in Nike's Taiwanese-operated overseas plant were only paid 50 cents per hour, and were mentally and physically abused by their supervisors. More

2017 FoodCon

March 27, 2018

The agriculture industry in North Carolina (including food, fiber and forestry), contributes around $70 billion to the state’s economy. From farms, processing, wholesale and retail distribution, to the table, there is much to discuss and learn. More